My Story In 1996…How It All Started

    I had a passion for business and a love for all things beautiful. I also had a burning desire to start my own business. But at the time, my spouse was still in grad school and my oldest son was 3. Between working to pay the bills, doing the laundry, and raising a toddler, I dreamed about a future.
    In my dream, I had a beautiful company, in an amazing ever-expanding industry to keep my interest and the intrigue of others.


    Live to Lovegevity.
    “Hmmm, I said. What does that look like?…Where do I begin?” I took a page from Steven Covey’s 7 Habits I had read in college and applied one of the rules…”Begin With the End.” I started to wonder, what would success look like once I achieved it? I wrote down the first thing that came to mind.


    “I want to do, whatever I want to do, the moment I want to do it.”


    Do what you love.