You Can Be A Model

“While the analgesic effect that occurs when trying to distract the subject from thoughts of pain is associated with the more highly developed, cortical regions of the brain, the analgesia induced by falling in love depends on more primitive deep regions. This is similar to how opioid analgesics work.” noted study leader Jared Younger or buy lsd.

“We deliberately focused on the study of the early stages of passionate love and did not specifically investigate the more solid, mature phase of the relationship. love, it usually sounds like a description of addiction. We assumed that this may be true, and it turned out that falling in love actually turns on the same mechanisms and brain regions as in drug addiction, “added co-author Sean McKee.


But how do you get there? And where do you begin?

Like anything, you want to be successful at you…

  • do your homework…
  • get prepared…
  • practice…
  • and Most Important,

You seek the advice of those who have achieved the success you’re after.

Because insider secrets, experience, and connections are priceless. And relationships are what opens doors of opportunity.

Open Doors of Opportunity

Today’s model has many opportunities. From high fashion, commercial, runway, spokesmodel, role model, or social media influencer.

But, how do you compete in a crowded industry of hopefuls? And at the same time, navigate the shark-infested waters of opportunists.

The Business of Modeling

Modeling is a business. Like any business, to be successful, you need to Know-How to be:

  • competitive
  • professional
  • and deliver a quality product.

You also need a mentor, someone to show you the way, step-by-step, and avoid costly mistakes. You need a fierce competitor with a winning reputation and “Know-How”.

Model Know How

“Model Know How” is for you if you’re an aspiring model or creative entrepreneur looking for a fun and flexible career.

– Learn how to develop the tools, techniques, and skills to become an emerging model.

– Learn the 5 fatal mistakes most models make and how to avoid them.

– Learn the secret to getting signed by an agency.

– and much more…

Naima Mora

Acclaimed model/actress, Naima Mora shares her personal life experiences and secrets to her successful career as a working model.

Because your success is up to you…take the first step and apply today.

About Naima Mora

Naima shot to stardom as the winner and fan favorite of the hit TV series “America’s Next Top Model”. She has been the face for international campaigns including Cover Girl, Samsung, Bandolier and Islander Swimwear. Naima’s television performances include roles on America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, BRAVO TV’s Strut, The Tyra Banks Show, Veronica Mars, Miss Teen USA, Prime Time Emmy Awards, Sheer Cover Mineral Makeup Commercial, and as lead host for CBS’s “Twiin”.

As a model and talent, Naima has graced the cover of reputable fashion magazines such as Elegant, Vicious, Cover, B.L.A.C., Modern Salon, H Mag, Look Guatemala, Honey Be Natural, and Gia’s Magazine. She has also been featured in editorial spreads in ELLE, SENSE Japan, FLESH Mexico, Revista 192, The Powder Room, Volition, WINK, ELUXE, OPPA!, Shambhala Sun, Teen People, Ambassador, Corduroy, Metro Pop, Fuego, Latina, INKED, Jewel, Style Line and Radaar Magazine.

Naima is also a vocalist, having been described as a powerhouse performer with an ethereal voice. Her fist solo release, “Hour Glass” charted number 1 on iTunes Charts Cayman Islands, and she toured it to sold out shows at LA Style Fashion Week, Reno Fashion Week and Santa Fe Fashion Week. She was also a featured vocalist performing on Valley King Record’s release “Anywhere” alongside Cedric Bixler Zavala, Mike Watt, Christian Eric Beaulieu and Krist Novoselic. Naima recently released her second solo artist album “Dancing In Starlight”, an electronic dance genre produced by David Ott and mastered by Brian “Big Bass” Gardner.

Part of Naima’s drive as an artist is to inspire people worldwide. She authored the inspirational book “Model Behavior” in 2013 and toured it to colleges and universities around the United States. She has been a guest inspirational speaker and lead host of large scale fashion events including. Her public speaking reached an international platform with a TEDx TALK performance and a feature in SGI Peace & Value Creation Buddhist Organization’s “Buddhist In America”.

Naima has used her platform to help support causes that uplift the dignity of humanity including The Hospicio San Jose Guatemala, an organization dedicated to caring for orphans having been diagnosed with HIV; Runway 4 Peace Women’s Empowerment Runway Klass; Sea Of Pearls “I am Hope” Campaign; Champions Against Bullying and world peace buddhist organization Soka Gakkai International, having been featured in its international publications ‘The World Tribune’ and ‘Seikyo Shimbun Japan’.

For her work as such, Naima has received recognizable awards for exceptional achievement, outstanding leadership, and dedication to improving the quality of life such as: The Spirit of Detroit Award; The California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition; The Key of the City to Cincinnati, Ohio; The Dress for Success Red Hanger Award; and WNBA ‘We are Women’ Celebrity Ambassador. As a social influencer, Naima has received sponsorships from Nike Women, Vita CoCo, WNBA Los Angeles Sparks and Bartaile.


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