Finding True Love…gevity

February is such a  romantic month. It symbolizes love between couples. But I’d like to focus on Love for yourself. As they say in flight, “put your own oxygen mask on, before assisting others”. It’s true in life too. As much as our relationships with spouses, friends, parents, and family members are a priority… nurturing, loving, and caring for ourselves is vital to our wellbeing.


Find a career that is family friendly.

Take a deep breath…exhale slowly

We can not put our best self forward when we are tired, worn out, or neglected of downtime to recharge and regenerate. Skipping time for yourself adds up and over time can cause stress, frustration, and irritability which can also transfer into feeling resentful to those around us we care about.


Work from home moms are the best CEO's.


Finding True Love for Your Life” (what I call Lovegevity) requires a conscience effort to carve out the life you want. Make time for yourself to start a new hobby, read a new book, or learn something new that interest you. Most business advisors will tell you, “Pay yourself first, and save 10% for your future”, all good advice. But what about paying yourself first with time, and saving time for your future. Taking time for yourself makes anything possible. Your mind is free to explore all the possibilities and potential to create the life you want to live.


Do what you love and create a career around your life.




Many friends of mine have the same goals to start a business in order to create more time for family and what’s truly important. I see a big difference between what I call the “dreamers” and the “doers”. It’s really a simple decision, “Doers” get started creating the life they want and “Dreamers” are frozen in fear, procrastination, and excuses which delays the future they desire. Imagine if we all just kept dreaming about what we wanted but never took steps to go after it.


There would be a lot less amazing experiences for us all. Life would be dull.




It’s exciting to pursue a dream because the adventure and journey to getting what you want is what life is all about. Life is the journey, the dream is the reward. Nothing worth having or doing is easy, but the journey is your story. And if you want it enough, you will start telling your story by doing one small thing each day that brings you closer to the life and true story you want to live.


Pledge to Love Your Life


True happiness is when you have what you need and the time to enjoy it. When you are happy, love for others is easy. It overflows to those most important in our lives. Its different for everyone, but you know when you have it. It’s an emotional experience that brings tears of joy, gratitude and of course love for your life.