Lovegevity is a Workforce Development, Career, Technical, and Entrepreneurial Education Course Provider for Colleges and Universities.

We help you produce and package your skills training and workforce development programs, certifications, and courses for distribution through thousands of colleges and universities.



We help you build your program from scratch using proven methods for academic, real-world, career learning.

This means you don’t have to worry if your program is still inside your head waiting to get out.

We’ll help you create a program that meets college and university standards. Meaning after graduation, your students start putting their education to work.


We help you set up your launch and marketing funnel with proven systems to ensure a successful release with ongoing enrollments.

This means, you won’t be one of the many who create an online course, and never make back your investment.

Your program will launch with a full class and a waiting list of students excited to learn from you.


We’re partnered with over 2200 accredited colleges and universities looking for successful career focused courses, continuing education classes, and CTE programs.

This means you won’t have to wait years to see your course listed in hundreds of course catalogs for both online and classroom learning.


Passive income begins when you can rest assured that your program is up and running while you get back to living your Lovegevity.

This means you can get back to enjoying free time to do other things while your course is being licensed and distributed by a network of schools teaching your program.

Does your idea of passive income keep you up at night?

Are you unsure of how to build, produce, market, launch, AND get distribution for your program?

Don’t procrastinate your online course or workshop project?

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