The Creative Entrepreneur’s Content Marketing Guide:

According to Adobe research
creative entrepreneurs are at an all time high launching new careers to live the American Dream. But how do you stand out and find new customers in a crowded digital world?

“Any good product, company, or idea can be easily missed if your content doesn’t awaken the brain’s autopilot navigation system.”


Because we are exposed to so much sensory overload, our brains have been programmed to tune out most of what comes at us each day in the form of marketing. The good news is that once we have an attachment to a brand or company we tend to tune out most of the competition. So how do you stand out?

It only takes 3 seconds…


content marketing american dream solider coming home

…to capture someone’s attention with an inspiring, entertaining, or informative image. If your image does it’s job, you will earn 30 more seconds of someone’s time.

In those next 30 seconds your marketing should:

Be entertaining/inspiring/emotional
2. Woo-ing (“Awww, I love that!”)
3. Informative/Giving (“I never knew that”… “I didn’t know that”…”I like this new company”)

Content that is entertaining, memorable and inspiring, builds brand loyalty. To really woo them, create content to make your audience feel emotion.

“It is emotion, not information, that moves consumers from interest and intent to the act of buying.”


By giving your audience an experience they enjoyed for 30 seconds you’ve captured their trust and earn at least 3 more minutes of their time.  Continue adding valuable content while you introduce them to your company, story, or mission. In marketing, we call this the “3-30-3”.


1. Capture attention… in 3 seconds.

2. Entertain…give them something to laugh about.

3. Inform…provide value


Use the 3 steps of the 333 or 3-30-3 technique to capture attention and begin building relationships with your target market.



Create A Content Marketing Strategy:

Did you know it takes an average of 27 impressions to break through a person’s attention?

Since we have been conditioned to tune out the advertisements bombarding us every day; just catching a moment of someone’s time is very competitive. However, if you take the time to create an entertaining, inspiring, and informative content marketing strategy you will have a better chance of hitting your company’s 27 impressions and building a loyal fan base, audience, readership, and/or customer base.

Here are 5 ways to get to 27 impressions:


  1. Create fresh content across many platforms
  2. Make sure the content is of interest to your target market
  3. Identify keywords/hashtags your target audience would use to find you
  4. Make sure it is quality content.
  5. Use multiple platforms

Such as:



Once you have identified the social media platforms it’s time to create content specific to the users of each platform. Meaning create content for the type of user of those platforms. The subject can be the same but how that subject is displayed should be specific to each platform’s user base.


For example:

  • Blogs – Readers like informative topics with images, video, and links to additional supporting content.
  • Facebook and Facebook Live – Entertaining content, such as images, video, and short post.
  • Instagram and Instagram Story – Image driven, great for the 3-30-3 strategy. Short post.
  • LinkedIn – Professional, informative blog content.
  • Snapchat – Fun, live, short, behind the scenes type content.
  • YouTube – Educational, how to, Informative, from 15 seconds to 15 minutes, to an hour even.
  • Pinterest – Images, preferably infographs and long/vertical collages
  • Twitter – 140 characters to drive people to other content or just share in a conversation using a specific #Hashtag

Content Marketing Strategy Review

Creating content
should not be a random process. You should know who you are targeting, why, and what your goal is. What is the call to action you want the reader/viewer to take? This could be joining your email newsletter or taking a survey, or is it a full conversion from prospect to new client. Know the purpose of your content.


“Great content is not just words – it’s everything we see, hear, read, and experience, that creates emotion.”

3-30-3 Formula:

3 seconds: A compelling image to stop and grab attention 30 seconds: Entertaining, compelling statements, mission, or purpose to make an emotional connection or experience with your target group. “What’s in it for them? Why do they care? 3 minutes: Now you can tell them what you really want them to know.

Know your audience – It takes 27 impressions! Identify your target market and where they spend their time online Create content to fit the distribution medium: For example; Instagram is image driven, tell a story with images, Facebook users are more open to reading long post, and people enjoy both images and videos, Pinterest is where your largest demographic of marriage bound millennials spend their time planning.

Plan your strategy:

  • Create an editorial calendar for your blog each month that identifies topics of interests for each of your personas.
  • Create content with the UX (user experience) in mind.
  • Identify Topics of interest per group
  • What’s going on – Community event calendars, time of year, annual events, school calendars.
  • Trends – what’s new in your area, what’s new in other trendy cities…can you bring it to your community.
  • Popular Press – Fashion week/s across the globe, celebrity events, food, fashion, fitness, fun

Creating content is the first step to building your American Dream.

Good luck and get creative with your content!