Once Upon A Time (in 1997)…

Like many other start-ups before the dot-com bubble burst, we were busy exploring the Internet’s ability to connect people.

During that same time a friend who recently got engaged asked to help pick out a wedding gown after work one day. When we reached the bridal shop at 5:15 pm the shop owner was locking the door to go home for the day.

That moment the idea of connecting vendors with customers over the Internet was a no-brainer, which led us to create a national directory of wedding vendors our first year.

What we discovered, exceeded just planning a wedding. We discovered event planning spans EVERY industry, and every part of our lives, including work, home, and play. Planning events is a skillset of organization, project management, an eye for design, along with managing budgets, timelines, and guests’ experiences and expectations.

We also discovered there was no standardized system or training to align a fragmented and disconnected community of services.

We set out to change the industry and created a movement of smart and passionate people looking to take their love for celebrations and turn it into their life’s purpose.

Our founder believed our work-life should be driven by an internal motivation to
create our life’s work. She believes we should follow our passion, because that’s where
we discover our purpose and develop a talent we share with the world.

Our philosophy is simple:

1) Do what we love, love what we do, and help others to do the same.

2) Find purpose through our passion and put priorities first.

3) Align with like-minded people, with a love for helping others.


Lovegevity today is a leader in education helping others to create a life they love to live … or what we call Lovegevity across 166 countries in over 1650 cities worldwide.


Career Paths to Success

Start Your Career with Lovegevity’s WEDTECH Academy, a Step-by-Step Career Pathway

At Lovegevity, we believe students should start with the end when planning an educational journey. What is the goal? What do you see yourself doing? How do you spend your time once you reach success?

Starting on the right path is critical to achieving a successful end result. Many people waste years and end up with a long list of irrelevant classes, student loans, and debt before they realize what their true passion is in life.
Lovegevity provides a career pathway leading to success.

1) Education is the foundation to setting your expectations and goals in your chosen industry.

2) Training by taking your education and going out into the real world to apply what you are learning during the learning process. This takes theory and textbook principals and applies them in the real-world along with the opportunity for immediate feedback and insight. In short – students learn by doing through our WEDTECH Academy.

3) Hands-on experience in a real situation to learn from experience and apply the knowledge and skills to manage any situation as it happens. This is done through internships with mentors and instructor guidance.

4) Work with real clients to grow your reputation one client at a time. Lovegevity offers new opportunities, referrals, hands-on internships, and job placement assistance for graduates.

Production and Publishing

Content is developed for a variety of end products including traditional textbooks, ebooks, videos, and online/interactive applications.

Educational content requires an understanding of the learner’s ability and preferences to learn. Taking into consideration the theories of adult learning and the science of NLP. Courses are developed using an interactive, multi media learning platform combining audio, visuals, and kinesthetic lessons creating real world experiences. In short, our training programs help students to learn by doing.

Workforce Development // Career Training // Entrepreneurship

Curriculum is built using both a formative and summative assessment and evaluation processes giving the learner and the instructor the ability to review, recognize and respond to learning outcome results during the learning process.

Our instructional design process is grounded in the traditional standard ADDIE model but includes a bigger focus on performance-based learning or real-world practical application in real time. Identifying tangible workplace implementation comes from engaging with our learners to get consistent feedback on learners’ needs on the job during the training process.

This consistent flow of feedback and communication is funneled back into the curriculum to create the most up to date and relevant information in the work place which helps our learners to evolve and take advantage of new opportunities on their way to success.

All Curriculum is SCORM compliant.

Partner // Grow // Distribute

Lovegevity’s academic distribution network expands across thousands of accredited colleges and universities offering our programs as part of degree programs and continuing education courses focused on Career and Technical Education (CTE) and workforce development initiatives.

As an educational partner of Lovegevity, your program may qualify for distribution through our academic network. Meaning thousands of colleges and universities will offer your course through their school and course catalog.

Distribution through:
– Over 2200 accredited college partners
– Industry Professionals
– International Partners/Languages

Become an academic distribution partner and offer a variety of career training programs under the umbrella of the event industry.

Fulfillment Providing:
– Mentors
– Internships
– Job Placement

-Share your passion through education and become a certified trainer/educator for Lovegevity. Host workshops and mentor students utilizing our curriculum or by letting us help you to produce and distribute your own.

Careers – Become an Instructor, teach or mentor at a local college or university near you. Submit your application on our website.

favicon Career Training Programs and Continuing Education

Lovegevity University offers both career training and continuing education programs for creative entrepreneurs. Education is the catalyst to open minds and open doors to new opportunities to better ones life. Lovegevity University (LoveU) is focused on blending real-world educational career tracks with hands-on experience, internships, and job placement assistance. Education isn’t just about being book smart, its about knowing how to apply what you learn to a strategic plan to meet and exceed your career goals and objectives.

Lovegevity University provides the resources, learning methods, and technology to meet the needs of each student from the campus classroom to the online community video conferences. Creating a hybrid learning experience expands a learners comfort zone in addition to providing a preferred method of learning.

This virtual classroom and distance learning community connects both students, mentors, and instructors in real-time during “live class” time. Members discuss current topics, trends, and best practices with industry leaders and successful mentors from the industry.

Our distance learning programs bring technology to the classroom to create an innovative, collaborative learning environment between students from around the world with instructors and industry mentors.

With face-to-face interaction and real-time discussions students and instructors get the best of both worlds making the learning experience efficient, fun, and immediately applicable.


Love. Life.

The meaning of Lovegevity

Noun ( Lov-jev-i-tee )
Love. Life. or Loving your life.

A powerful feeling or compelling emotion to journey toward meaningful work.
A passion for something that gives you purpose and makes life more fulfilling.
A commitment to be true to yourself and create the life you love to live everyday.


Family Of Brands