Curriculum Development

Workforce Development // Career Training // Entrepreneurship

Curriculum is built using both a formative and summative assessment and evaluation processes giving the learner and the instructor the ability to review, recognize and respond to learning outcome results during the learning process.

Our instructional design process is grounded in the traditional standard ADDIE model but includes a bigger focus on performance-based learning or real-world practical application in real time. Identifying tangible workplace implementation comes from engaging with our learners to get consistent feedback on learners needs on the job during the training process.

This consistent flow of feedback and communication is funneled back into the curriculum to create the most up to date and relevant information in the work place which helps our learners to evolve and take advantage of new opportunities on their way to success.

All Curriculum is SCORM compliant.

The meaning of Lovegevity

Noun ( Lov-jev-i-tee )
Love. Life. or Loving your life.

A powerful feeling or compelling emotion to journey toward meaningful work.
A passion for something that gives you purpose and makes life more fulfilling.
A commitment to be true to yourself and create the life you love to live everyday.