Career Paths to Success

Start Your Career with Lovegevity’s Step-by-Step Career Pathways for Students

At Lovegevity, we believe students should start with the end when planning an educational journey. What is the goal? What do you see yourself doing? How do you spend your time once you reach success?

Starting on the right path is critical to achieving a successful end result. Many people waste years and end up with a long list of irrelevant classes, student loans, and debt before they realize what their true passion is in life.
Lovegevity provides a career pathway leading to success.

1) Education as the foundation to setting your expectations and goals in your chosen industry.

2) Training by taking your education and going out into the real world to apply what you are learning during the learning process. This takes textbook principals and applies them in the real-world along with the opportunity for immediate feedback and insight. In short – students learn by doing.

3) Hands-on experience in a real situation to learn from experience and apply the knowledge and skills to manage any situation as it happens. This is done through internships with instructor guidance.

4) Work with real clients to grow your reputation one client at a time. Lovegevity offers new opportunities, referrals, and job placement assistance for graduates.

The meaning of Lovegevity

Noun ( Lov-jev-i-tee )
Love. Life. or Loving your life.

A powerful feeling or compelling emotion to journey toward meaningful work.
A passion for something that gives you purpose and makes life more fulfilling.
A commitment to be true to yourself and create the life you love to live everyday.