Love. Life.

The meaning of Lovegevity

Noun ( Lov-jev-i-tee )
Love. Life. or Loving your life.

A powerful or compelling emotion or feeling to journey toward meaningful work.
A passion for something that gives you purpose and makes life more fulfilling.
A commitment to be true to yourself and create the life you love to live everyday.

Do What You Love

Fall in Love with Your Life
I pledge my commitment to pursue my passion …
…and promise to use my talent, creativity, and strengths, …
…to find a purpose that fits my lifestyle…
…and create a life I love to live everyday.

Love What You Do

Lovegevity is a course provider of Career and Technical Education for creatives launching new businesses and careers.

Live to Love…gevity

Team Lovegevity expands across 166 countries and over 1,600 cities worldwide.

Family Of Brands